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We are ALTADIS’ sales partner, focused on improving efficiency of POS management, optimizing results and reducing management costs per establishment.

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The challenge

In 2014, ALTADIS carried out a full review of its sales distribution strategy and identified areas where their sales policy was not totally efficient.

  • Increase profitability

    Altadis selected Salesland as the ideal partner to increase profitability of low end segments, reducing the dependency of traditional face-to-face POS management.

This is what we did

We implemented a combination of management roles at the POS to ensure the optimization of the Tobacco Shops Channel, via a comprehensive remote team.

  • We increased contact frequency with the establishments. We created personal relationships between managers and distribution supervisors, and added value during sales contacts.
  • After the first introduction phase of the project, we implemented a policy of regular contact with each establishment, adding extra value to managers, which allowed them for a better management and get to know the current news and trends in the market.
  • In addition, we achieved a significant management cost reduction, using a contact channel that optimized working times, eliminating journey times and associated costs, as well as allowing an increase in the frequency.
  • We build a turn-key project to manage the data from each channel, and provide a personal advisor for each distribution Point in order to perform in a proactive and consistent manner: an element of added value in case of doubts, questions or opportunities.

What did we achieve?

  • 3 years of project.

  • Regular management of a portfolio of more than 2,400 Points.

And Altadis?

  • Altadis has increased and maintained its invoicing levels per Point.

  • Altadis has significantly reduced the management costs per Point, whilst increasing contact frequency.

This is Salesland!

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