As Carlsberg Trade Marketing partner, we created a tailor-made campaign which generated a tenfold increase in brand sales.

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The challenge

Carlsberg wanted to create a campaign to significantly increase sales in hypermarkets. The key objectives were:

  • Visibility

    Deliver the best spaces and visibility for the brand.

  • Attraction

    Attract consumers with a real brand experience.

  • Increase in sales

    The main goal being to increase sales.

This is what we did

We had to connect with the consumer in the crucial moment, when they are about to make a purchase. We decided that the strategy had to focus on achieving a greater brand presence and increasing the uptake of the product from store shelves.

  • This campaign was faithful to the personality and values of the brand, under the slogan “Open and Win, possibly the best presents in the world…”
  • We had two points in which we interacted with the customer, at the store shelf and at the checkouts once the purchase of the product had been made. To this end, two sales promoters prescribed the product, explained and guided the customer through the mechanics of the promotion.
  • Once they had bought Carlsberg, they went to the stand with their receipt, and in doing so, received a gift. 400 gifts were given out daily.
  • In addition to the stands, we used other media to display the product: roll up, totem displays, signs, stoppers, flyers, pallet packaging, special shelf advertising, heading signs, inflatables.
  • Sales promoters that took charge of implementing and coordinating the campaign.
  • We took care of everything, from the selection of spaces, to stock control, prizes, incidents etc. so that our client didn’t have to do anything.
  • With our online reporting, we could measure real-time product sales and uptake, control prizes, incidents, and analyze the spaces and visibility of each promotion at each Point of Sale.

What did we achieve?

  • We coordinated a team of more than 150 people, including sales promoters, vendors, assemblers, coordinators etc

  • We replicated this campaign in more than 90 hypermarkets across Spain.

And Carlsberg?

  • Carlsberg had a tenfold sales increase in those hypermarkets during the promotion.

  • Carlsberg reached more than 3 million consumers with this campaign.

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