In 2013, Carrefour entrusted us with a customer acquisition pilot for the Carrefour Pass card. After having exceed expectations, we have been their established partner for over 4 years

Years of challenges

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The challenge

CARREFOUR needed assistance with acquisition and retention of the Carrefour Pass card customers..

  • The Pilot

    Carrefour contacted us in order to manage a 2-month pilot, which we passed with flying colors, strengthening our professional relationship.

  • A Long Term Project

    Thanks to the excellent results of the pilot, we became an established partner of Carrefour, with whom we have been collaborating for 4 years promoting the Carrefour Pass card.

This is what we did

The key was to adapt to the geographicalneeds outlined by our client, and we have been doing this over the years

  • We worked with Carrefour on all of their challenges, making them our own: we expanded and scaled up the campaign to a national level


  • We carried out a pilot based on digitalization, in order to improve the shopping experience of both existing and potential customers. We endeavored to develop a multichannel strategy combining both online and offline, as well as increasing the sales capacity with a strong focus on acquisition and cross-selling


  • In addition, we attended fairs with Carrefour, we covered strategic campaigns such as Shop&Go and Apple Pay and we carried out specific action plans to support the opening of their Hypermarkets.


What did we achieve?

  • We created an ad-hoc project, which we have been able to grow each year, hand in hand with Carrefour.

  • Far exceeding the customer acquisition and cross-selling objectives set by our client.

And Carrefour?

  • An increase in average profit margin of card customers.

  • A year-on-year increase in the Carrefour Pass card accounts booked per month: in 2017 we managed to increase the number of new accounts by 500% compared to 2013.

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