We went one step further, by integrating Digital technology, Sales force and Remote Sales, in the acquisition and retention of customers of the Carrefour Pass card

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The challenge

CARREFOUR wanted to integrate digital technology in its stores in order to improve the shopping experience in the acquisition and retention of customers

  • Customer growth and profitability

    Carrefour was looking to boost acquisition of its Carrefour Pass credit card and loyalty card customers, as well as increasing average profitability of these products.

  • Sales experience and digitalization

    Carrefour wanted to carry out a pilot in order to improve the sales experience of its current and potential customers, whereby technology would facilitate the digital experience.

    We needed to develop an online-offline multichannel strategy to boost sales capacity (Face-to-Face and Remote), with a focus on customer acquisition and cross-selling. Aiming to incentivize customer retention as well as the downloading of Loyalty Apps.

This is what we did

We knew that if we wanted to improve customer experience, we would have to track the entire sales process: from the moment we first made contact and all subsequent services offered to them. In the end, we wanted to establish a real relationship with each consumer.

  • We created a multidisciplinary team, integrating all channels through which we were going to contact customers: Sales Teams, Call Center and Digital.


  • We defined the Customer Journey, beginning with face-to-face customer acquisition at the store, equipping designated spaces with sales promoters and digital devices.
  • We installed digital kiosks with a device tailor-made device for the Carrefour Pass card. In addition, this device alerted our staff to assist customers at the point of sale.


  • New customers received a welcome call from our Call Center.
  • In addition, we created cross-selling campaigns to improve customer experience and offer additional Carrefour products.

What did we achieve?

  • Create a tailor-made project placing the customer at the heart of the campaign.

  • Integrated 3 sales channels, combining online and offline strategies, ensuring a qualitative improvement to customer experience.

  • We exceeded our client’s objectives in terms of digitalization of customers, new customer acquisition and cross-selling, offering a modern and effective customer experience at the Point of Sale.

And Carrefour?

  • Carrefour registered 18,000 visits in the digital kiosk. These converted into product cross sell via our Call Center, new credit card and loyalty cards customers acquired by our Salesforce and customer digitalization via app downloads.

  • Carrefour increased the average profitability of its card customers.

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