We are the sales partner of GAMERS since its launch, helping to make them leaders in the videogames sector in Mexico.

Years of challenges

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Point of Sale

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The challenge

GAMERS needed assistance in launching its brand in Mexico via a 3-year pilot project.

  • Lead shops

    Gamers wanted to become the market leader in videogames in Walmart stores.

  • Adapt to the market

    We knew that it was crucial to design a commercial strategy at the POS that responded to the needs of the Mexican market.

This is what we did

Leveraging our experience, we designed an ad hoc POS strategy: recruited and trained teams, implemented information systems and managed the business from beginning to end.

  • Experts in videogames and multiplatform as well as sales techniques, in order to guarantee the project’s success. In addition, we created workgroups to coordinate and manage the whole process.
  • We took care of  the selection of spaces and all the necessary permits, merchandising and all the product launch campaigns.
  • An online report to measure sales and visibility of each campaign in every POS.

What did we achieve?

  • 2 years working with Gamers.

  • An innovative project covering 25 POS and expanding

And Gamers?

  • Gamers has obtained an outstanding position in a highly competitive market.

  • Gamers has the best brand image: brand advocates that are gamers to the core, as well as sales and customer service lovers.

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