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Arroz SOS

We became partners of Herba RiceMills in the launch of an integrated communication campaign for the Arroz SOS brand.

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The challenge

HERBA RICEMILLS, world leading producer and distributor of rice, was looking for help to reposition the Arroz SOS brand in the market.

  • Brand awareness

    The company aimed to enhance the consumption of Arroz SOS and rejuvenate the target consumer with a loyalty promotional campaign linked to the values of quality and tradition of the product.

  • Trust

    We knew that the key was to portray Arroz SOS as a lifelong trustworthy brand, highlighting its quality and presence in Spanish homes for decades.

This is what we did

A comprehensive campaign, using a brand champion to boost consumer engagement: the well-known and endearing MasterChef participant, Maribel.

  • We designed a national campaign around the slogan “Maribel’s rices” that was implemented in large stores and supermarket chains, with more than 5 million packets on offer.
  • The communication was based on a 45” launch TV spot and additional 20” adverts. We also created a platform inviting consumers to share their rice recipes, participate in a prize draw of €5,000, win a vintage apron, or be one of the 50 exclusive recipes that would be published in Maribel & Cía’s Recipe Book


  • We created an online report to measure in real-time the interaction and uptake of the campaign, including traffic to the website and social media pages and visits to the promotional landing page.

What did we achieve?

  • A 1 year project, covering different phases, where more than 5 million promotional packets were delivered nationwide.

  • Fulfilling all objectives: brand reactivation, visibility, product uptake and distribution increase.

And Herba RiceMills?

  • Herba RiceMills repositioned their brand after many years without investing in communication or marketing.

  • Herba RiceMills built up customer loyalty with a distribution increase in sales, compared to the same period without promotion.

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