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We are HUAWEI’s sales partner and have helped them become brand leader in cell phones in Peru.

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The challenge

HUAWEI needed help in order to manage its Points of Sale and launch a 3-year pilot project for its expansion in Peru.

  • Leading the market

    HUAWEI wanted to become the market leader in cell phones.

  • Designing and implementing a strategy

    We knew that it was crucial to design a commercial strategy at Retail Outlets that responded to the needs of the Peruvian market.

This is what we did

We put together a fullycomprehensive process – a Salesland plan. We created and trained the teams, put in place the necessary information systems and launched an integrated management of Points of Sale.

  • Sales teams, trained in sales techniques, with certified performance of all personnel.
  • Trainers to reinforce the sales teams, in charge of the promotional visibility of each product.
  • A focused multi-operator team for the distribution chain, for each product.
  • Exclusive teams and work areas in the SALESLAND offices, in order to coordinate and follow-up the entire project.
  • Comprehensive management of the Point of Sale, processing permits, selecting spaces, coordinating merchandising material and the launch of each product at the POS. In addition, we integrated in-store customer experience solutions, via technological and digital resources which allowed us to link advantages of offline and online environments.
  • An Online report to measure real-time sales and visibility of each campaign in each POS.

What did we achieve?

  • More than 3 years working with Huawei.

  • The largest Field Force team in the cell phone sector in Peru.

And Huawei?

  • Today, Huawei is the market leader in cell phones in Peru, with more than 35% market share.

  • Huawei has managed to sell 12 million cell phone units in Latin America.

This is Salesland!

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