We are the official partner of Microsoft in Trade Marketing. We are in charge of the training of its Salesforce in Latin America.

Years working together
Countries and 15 cities

Participating areas

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Present in

Spain / Peru / Colombia / Chile / Mexico

The challenge

Microsoft wanted to accelerate sales of its hardware and software products at the Point of Sale and manage B2B sales in Latin America.

  • Expansion

    Microsoft called us to boost its growth in Latin America. The two factors that swung in our favor were our multinational approach and our vast experience in sales.

  • Standardization of processes

    We wanted to standardize procedures in all countries, and achieve a homogeneous feedback of information and implementation of the product in all markets.

This is what we did

We developed a comprehensive, turn-key project based on two main pillars: Teams at Point of sale and B2B, as well as our real-time reporting system.

We selected and trained all the teams at the Point of Sale:

  • Delegates and managers at POS, who oversee negotiations and manage processes within each establishment.
  • Sales promoters, with broad training both in sales techniques and Microsoft products in order to close the sale.
  • Merchandisers, responsible for providing and managing visibility.
  • Product demonstrators with an extremely high level of training in each product and capable of explaining all of the characteristics and functionalities of the product.


We created a network of B2B vendors, entrusted with listening to the needs of companies in order to offer solutions with Microsoft products.

  • With our information management system, ARACNE, we created tailor-made real-time reports covering productivity, photographic material showing product visibility and incidents per center.

What did we achieve?

  • More than 6 years as official partner of Microsoft in Latin America.

  • Integrating and coordinating the project across 5 countries.

And Microsoft?

  • Microsoft can rely on expert sales and marketing teams, trained in online reporting tools to design tailor-made reports for each business line and country.

  • Microsoft has the best Salesforce at the POS, trained in-house in soft skills and customer experience.

This is Salesland!