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We are one of Movistar’s key business partners managing commercial actions via all channels. We have undertaken this challenge in six different countries and two continents.

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The challenge

In 2005 the Company, formerly known as Telefónica, was looking for a partner that was aligned with its objectives and could help defend its position in each country.

  • Distinctive service

    It became clear that to maintain its position in each country, the Company had to offer a distinctive service with a specific focus on value and convergent services (landline and mobile services)

  • A single provider for all countries

    Furthermore, the Company needed a large partner with extensive knowledge, able to manage all Movistar products and build synergies between countries.

This is what we did

We created an integrated project in which we recruited and trained all teams, and designed the actions to be taken for each product, each channel and each country.

  • In Spain and Chile, we set up a sales network specialized in high speed solutions (Fiber and ADSL) to migrate customers from copper, and attract customers from competitors in places where Movistar was not a market leader.
  • In Spain and Guatemala, we promoted the commercial development of all Movistar Stores (company-managed or franchised). We created processes and tools, and we assessed them in order to increase sales.
  • In order to increase sales, we identified potential commercial improvements. We worked on the visibility and image of the company and its products and provided administrative management in all Points of Sale (protocols, processes, queue management, etc.).
  • We set up 16 flagship stores in Peru, where experience, customer service and sales are integrated in the same area.
  • We incorporated digital solutions that allow us to make significant progress in the advantages offered by the offline and online environment.
  • Our latest challenge with Movistar is the combination of online digital experiences with face-to-face store experiences, a project that stands out for being innovative and technologically advanced. The first contact is made online and then customers are redirected to the Movistar stores to gain a better understanding of their needs and preferences and provide them with advice from our qualified staff.
  • Continuando con nuestra apuesta por la fusión de los mundo online y offline, hemos desarrollado in-house en Perú el proyecto Click & Collect, iniciativa que parte de un desarrollo tecnológico que permite al comprador que adquiere un dispositivo vía digital la posibilidad de recogerlo en una de las tiendas físicas de la marca, pudiendo agendar, incluso, el día y hora a la que quiere que esté listo su pedido.
  • El proyecto, además, incorpora el canal Call Center para resolver cualquier incidencia o consulta del cliente durante todo el proceso de compra y recogida del equipo.

What did we achieve?

  • We have been providing commercial support for over 10 years through all sales channels in six different countries and two continents.

  • We own 13 Movistar stores, which we manage and control.

And Movistar?

  • Movistar attracts more than 70,000 new customers for both Post- and Pre-paid phone plans, in each of the countries where we operate.

  • The company has enhanced its profitability in all active channels, improving value added and increasing prepaid top-ups.

This is Salesland!

Tienda Movistar
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Tienda Movistar