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We became the key sales provider for Odisseias’ Christmas 2016 campaign, helping them consolidate their position as market leader in Portugal.

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The challenge

ODISSEIAS, a company specializing in selling customer experience packs, was looking for a leading provider to get their Christmas campaign up-and-running during the months of November and December 2016.

  • National coverage

    Odisseias needed a partner from the outsourcing sector capable of engaging with the campaign on a national level.

  • Diversity at the Points of Sale

    The project required promotion, communication and sale of experience packs in their Points of Sales: stands, own shops, call-center and retail chains.

This is what we did

We had the tools, experience and a dedicated team to make this project a success. It was a race against time to implement a strategy with scalability at the Points of Sale and respond to the expectations of the Portuguese market.

  • We recruited and trained teams for each one of the campaign channels: 56 sales promoters across 38 retail stores, 30 specialists for stands, 3 merchandising supervisors, 3 advisors for its own stores and 3 teleoperators were integrated into the Odisseias project.
  • We managed the whole operation at the Points of Sale: merchandising and sales control, coverage supervision, displays and objectives.
  • We created information systems and online reports to measure, in real-time, sales, stock levels and product visibility at each POS.

What did we achieve?

  • We reaffirmed our capacity and speed to put together a project at a national level and make it a success, 6 and the application of different corrective measures during the entire campaign.

  • A 97% coverage with more than 12,000 hours worked by our teams, exceeding the sales objectives at a national level.

And Odisseias?

  • Odisseias registered excellent sales results during the entire campaign and reaffirmed its position as a market leader in the sector with more than 80% market share.

This is Salesland!

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