We helped redefine and create a new sales structure in 8,000 authorized ONCE Points of Sale, segmenting and creating customer acquisition procedures.

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The challenge

ONCE was looking for a partner to implement a sales network covering 8,000 authorized lottery POS.

  • Improve Profitability

    ONCE set out to increase the relevance of these establishments and improve their sales and profit ratios.

This is what we did

We created a project based on the analysis and segmentation of each POS and the design and implementation of the customer acquisition plan.

  • We analyzed the customer service that was being offered and the level of knowledge and involvement of sales staff across the 8,000 Points of Sale and set up a network of 34 Point of Sales Managers (POSMs) to manage and support the sales network.
  • We carried out the clusterization of POS and redesigned routes/zones. We defined the KPIs, designed a new sales plan and adapted the POSMs (both face-to-face and remote) based on the segmentation of the establishments.
  • We defined, together with ONCE, a new strategy as well as laying out channel objectives.

What did we achieve?

  • We have consolidated a network of 7,700 Points of Sale

  • And built a sales and management team of 70 people, both face-to-face and remote.


  • Increased turnover by 23%, increasing average sales per establishment.

  • Improved the quality of administrative and logistical processes.

This is Salesland!

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