We have been one of WiZink`s main partners for over fifteen years, creating and managing sales teams for the distribution of WiZink financial products on a national level.

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% Reduction of handling times with the WiZink iPad tool
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The challenge

During our journey with WiZink, a bank specialized in credit cards and in offering simple savings solutions to meet customers’ day-to-day needs, we have become their main partner in customer acquisition and cross-selling activities.

  • Increasing profitability

    We have collaborated together in every stage of the way, always focusing on reducing acquisition costs and increasing the profitability of each project.

This is what we did

After working together for so long, we know that each challenge we are presented with requires us to deliver innovative solutions, guaranteeing client profitability and satisfaction.

Since 2000, we have managed sales teams and locations for WiZink:

  • We select new locations and design new processes to improve effectiveness /productivity ratios.
  • We manage sales teams for all projects, with the requirement of coming up with innovative solutions and a continual revision of activities and procedures.


  • We design and manage face to face campaigns in shopping malls and transport hubs.


  • We create and implement Telesales campaigns and increase customer profitability via cross-selling activities targeting bank customers.


  • We create information systems to measure real-time sales in each Point of Sale. We design and manage a CRM system in order to integrate telesales teams, standardize pre-sales actions and closing processes, as well as for cross-selling projects.


What did we achieve?

  • We manage WiZink sales teams throughout the country, meeting objectives in different months/projects.• We manage WiZink sales teams throughout the country, meeting objectives in various projects.

  • With the launch of the WiZink iPad tool, handling times have been reduced by 48% and customer satisfaction has increased.

And WiZink?

  • WiZink relies on Salesland for its projects: we are their most senior partner conducting sales campaigns both in customer acquisition and cross-selling.

  • WiZink relies on our salesforce inside the WiZink Center to offer exclusive advantages to the WiZink card customers.

This is Salesland!