Digital Sales

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We put our heart and our technology into accelerating your sales

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Spain / Portugal / Peru / Colombia / Chile / Mexico / Guatemala

We are experts when it comes to technology, marketing and sales in an online and offline environment and we know how to combine them.

We develop in-house technology, which provides traceability throughout the entire process.

We can create any digital device quickly and efficiently.

We work with Test&Learn models allowing us to optimize sales results quickly.

We speak to the client in digital code

We have incorporated Biko to Salesland Group to offer our clientes an omnichannel solution to help accelerate sales growth.


Sales opportunities

We create a strategy for you to generate leads via search engines, social networks and email, so you can manage and segment databases.


Optimizing the hiring and conversion processes

Using integrated actions with TeleSales, such as click to call, online-chats, videoconferencing, call over mail, call while quotation, remarketing, etc.


Digital media for traditional channels

We provide technological solutions for our sales teams in Face to Face Sales and Remote Sales channels, and we create digital kiosks at the Point of Sale. We use technology to generate unique user experiences and collect fundamental information to boost your sales.


Technological tools

We create landing pages, customer acquisition microsites and websites/apps. Both as independent tools or by integrating them with the Client`s Server.

Information in real time

We like to be guided by the data we collect. And we share it with our clients for joint decision making.

  • What do we hope to achieve by all this?

    To gain a better understanding of the behaviour of potential customers.

    To optimize results.